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Where’s Your There?

“We travel not to escape life, but so life does not escape us”

There is something about travel that changes everything… our state of mind, perspective, our sense of purpose. It opens our eyes and minds to a world of possibility, allowing us to redefine our boundaries and ultimately discover a simple truth: there are no boundaries but those we put upon ourselves. Just the simple act of deciding to take a vacation brings a particular sense of relief… there’s an end in sight, a reward for the long hours. You count down the days, planning your wardrobe, your days and sights to see. Filled with anticipation and possibility, a vacation is an experience to savor. Everyone has a There… that particular place in your mind’s eye that makes your soul go Ahhhhh. We’ll get you there… with a minimum of fuss, time and money. After all, every vacation should deliver upon its promise – a break from the logistics of life, precious time to make lasting memories with your loved ones, and a home away from home that offers more than you hoped for. We understand that promise. Hang loose… we’ve got this.

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